The ethical approach and passion which were the drivers for Enzo and Ivo back when it all began in 1957 have remained intact over time. This has been possible thanks to these values being instilled in the second generation Siboni’s who began working in the family company in the ‘80s.

In conjunction with the celebration of the first fifty years of business the headquarters were extended in 2007 and the factory now occupies 3000 square metres of covered and air-conditioned working space.
The event signalled the handing over of the reins from the first to the second generation Siboni’s, with the second generation challenged with managing technological transitions which amongst other things require that electric motor and planetary gearbox producers understand all motion and motion control components and processes.


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It all began in 1957 when two brothers, Enzo and Ivo Siboni, started their business of repairing small household appliances and electric tools.

In these early years the business continued to develop and expanded into the repair of electric motors, in particular dc synchronous brushed motors.


In the ‘70s the second significant phase of the Siboni’s business began becoming producers of electric motors based on third party projects. This change of direction saw the introduction of the first structured commercial activity.

1970 attività fratelli Siboni

An important decade for Siboni in which the second generation Siboni’s begin working in the company, supporting the founders Enzo and Ivo in developing, amongst other things, the RE line of precision planetary gearboxes.
The production of small brushed dc motorgears increases with sales extending further afield and these products are still in production today.


The new logo is launched which incorporates elements of the products which have contributed to Siboni’s success thus far: from the gearboxes the teeth of the satellite gears and the lamination sheets from the motors.

Siboni motoriduttori

MOD LINE is launched. It is Siboni’s first line of ac synchronous brushless motors and was designed and developed by the internally by the R&D department. The management of Siboni’s commercial activities is brought in-house and the brand is actively promoted in both Italy and Europe.


Siboni’s path as a manufacturer of brushless motors and planetary gearboxes takes a significant step in 2006 when it creates a satellite company, SIBONI LAB, which commercializes the solutions of servo-drives partnered with Siboni motors.
To further promote the brand, Siboni begins its participation at the SPS fair in Nuremburg.

Siboni Lab

The first 50 years of activity are celebrated with the inauguration of the expanded headquarters, taking the covered and air-conditioned floor space to just over 3000 square metres. To celebrate the milestone a World Superbike team was sponsored for the 2007 season.



The company re-brands with the launch of a new SIBONI logo. The company colour changes from blue to red to symbolise the great passion the company has for its products and their realization.
The pay-off ‘motors and solutions’ is launched emphasizing the skills and experience Siboni has acquired to offer its customers complete solutions for motion and motion control and Siboni Lab is incorporated into the Siboni business to re-inforce this.



PRO LINE ONE, the second ac synchronous brushless motor series, is launched and once again it is entirely developed internally by the R&D department, using the latest generation modelling and simulation software.

The PRO LINE ONE line offers a range that develops up to 3 Nm of torque.


The NXT gearboxes, designed to offer industrial automation machines a greater dynamic response with respect to the RE Line, are launched at SPS in Nuremberg in November 2011.


PRO LINE TWO, an extension of the PRO LINE ONE series of ac synchronous brushless motors, is launched taking the PRO LINE motor series torque offering up to 50 Nm and completes the project that began in 2009.


Siboni continues to evolve and its products bear testimony to this with the launch of the PRO LAB mechatronic solution which brings together in one unit:

  • Brushless Motors
  • Planetary Gearboxes
  • Integrated on-board electronics

A new company, 4NXT s.r.l., in which Siboni is the majority stakeholder, is incorporated to be a technological outlier in the world of mechatronic solutions, in particular with regard to the electronic elements of these solutions.


The NXR series of planetary gearboxes is launched which brings together in one product the high torque transmission of the RE series and the high torsional rigidity of the NXT series.



The whole range of Siboni products is developed and made at its factory in Forlì, Italy.
The decade’s worth of skills and experience and the company’s ability to retain its locally based workforce mean the company can proudly affirm “Made in Italy” on its products even in the light of the ever increasing requests for products.
The investment in our in-house machine tool department is one of the keys to Siboni’s success granting the company independence, speed and flexibility, important qualities especially in the prototyping phases of projects.


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